We Are North For The Summer

North For The Summer is a new product design company based in Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to make unique, visually stunning pieces for your home that are just as functional as they are beautiful. Through a unique and experimental design process, products are conceptualized, prototyped and brought to life. Our story is all around us. We love finding inspiration in our surroundings be it nature, architecture or even fashion and photography. We love the whimsical and experimental and sometimes will start a design with no end purpose in mind. By letting the design reveal it’s function along the way, we are often delightfully surprised by the results. 

We take a collaborative approach to production, partnering with local craftsmen, fabricators, furniture makers, engineers and designers to create the best possible product. We embrace modern technology while we still believe in hand-finished details. 

At North For The Summer we feel that part of being alive is enjoying one’s surroundings and we want to make looking at and engaging with our products just as enjoyable as it is for us to make them.