Andromeda Photo Shoot on the Oregon Coast

We wanted to find the perfect setting to highlight the Andromeda Lighting Series. The Oregon Coast is rugged and beautiful and one of our favorite places to be. We head there every time we need to recharge our batteries. It is a great place to be in the Summer but the Winter can be relaxing as well. The weather is ever changing and storms can be fierce. If you wait one out you can find yourself all alone on a beautiful beach with only whales and sea lions around you.

There are many great places to visit on the coast. We like to keep ours a secret because it isn't very well known. The morning before our shoot we took a 10 mile hike to this waterfall that falls into the ocean. It was about 1000 ft elevation gain.

This rock is right on the beach at the edge of the ocean. We haven't climbed it yet but you can at low tide.

We found the perfect spot on the beach to set up. There were a few people starting to build fires and shoot fireworks, but for the most part we had a big section all by ourselves. 

Lea Anne was a big help on the shoot! Here she is saving a lamp from an incoming wave. A few times the wind picked up and the lamps went tumbling down the beach. They held up quite well considering what we put them through.

The lamps were a sharp contrast to the ocean waves and the rocky shore but they somehow felt a bit like they were meant to be there. 

Once the sun started to set we knew we had limited time to get that perfect shot we were looking to get for the "sunset" colorway of our Andromeda lamp. We set up and shot until the sun went down and then kept shooting into the night. We got some great photos.

As the sun went down the beach almost looked like we were on the moon.

We will definitely be doing another photoshoot here in the future whether it is with more Andromeda lamps or some of our new products being developed. It is just hard to get a bad photo here.

The next day we took another hike up this steep hill. The trail we found is buried at the end of a neighborhood. There is no marker and you have to squeeze past a gate but wow was the view worth it! 

We had to sort of slide down as it is too steep to walk. We ended up scaling the cliff all the way down to the beach.

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